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Our total system provides our Seion-Series, hand trucks, castors,
and tires & wheels, and material handling equipment.

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For a commemoration of the 65th anniversary of Kanatsu's business establishment, this home page has been renewed.

As stated in our company principle, we have kept providing reliable and innovative products since the company establishment period.

We are proud of our company Kanatsu as a pioneering company of producing energy-efficient products in the material handling industry with a frontier spirit.

We have invented products such as "the original hollow structure zero-pressure tires with self-sealing and cushioning function" and "the Diamond-car series (platform hand trucks) of more than 70 variations2. Moreover, we distribute "the medical castors that can be attached to high-performance medical and health devices which are supplied to the OEM customers well-known in the global market which earn the trust from users.

The New Tokyo Factory was built on the area of 14,876m2 in 1993 in order to act as a think-tank and enable the effective research and development for inventing various new energy-efficient products which have been in great demand in the 21st century.

The most notable product we have invented is the Diamond-car Seion series as the world's pioneering noise-reduction system, which Kanatsu has obtained for the trade mark right as well as the intellectual property right for the "Seion" series.
There was already a big demand for this product from major delivery companies even before the Large-Scale Retail Stores for Preservation of Living Environment act was introduced. Nowadays, there is still a big demand for this product even after the new noise regulation limitation to 40dB was imposed, and Seion still has a reputation for its durability and high-performance.

Kanatsu was certified as a corporation following the ISO quality management system and the environment management system, and puts effort into increasing customer satisfaction and stopping global warming. After being recognised as a corporation where all staff understand the environmental thought process and style. We voluntarily manage the quality management. Because the environmental management requires to be certified by a certification board, the ISO certificate we still maintain the ISO authentication.

At the opportunity of renewing this homepage, on the top of energy-efficiency, we would like to remark on the safety and security of our products. This value is not negligible especially under decreasing birth-rate and aging population. We have invented the hand stopper which is able to use the brake system with a hand in addition to the already existing brake system used with a foot in order to help women to participate in carrying operations under a safe and secure environment.
We have achieved in adding pastel-pink coloured hand-trucks we have creased the motivation of working women and hand-trucks with a drum-brake (Patent obtained, and patent pending for the novel mechanism). Our hand trucks with the Drum-Brake has an auto-brake feature that allows for better control going down-hill or when the operating hands may be occupied. We sincerely expect that you will appreciate our line of products and services after reading the new product catalogue and watching the video clips displayed there.

The eternal motto of Kanatsu is 「Marching Forward in Step with You.」

The principles of Kanatsu are

  • · Cooperation and friendship
  • · Kindness and clarity in our attitude towards to customers
  • · Provision of reliable and innovative products
  • · Promptness of product delivery
  • · Realization of the principle of "customers first" and "healthy management"
    Cost saving for possible volume sales with a reasonable profit margin

Company Information

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