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Privacy Policy

We, Kanatsu staffs, recognise the importance of personal information.
We comply with laws, regulations, and other norms for the protection of personal information.
We implement the following initiatives.

Range of Personal Information

It was collected for the purpose of our business activities and administration processes, and the range of information allowed to be collected is limited to the purpose of the personal identification.
For example, Name, Address, Phone-Number, E-mail address, Date of Birth, Workplace, and other relevant information are collected from Document, Electric-Medium, and the Web for the purpose of our business activities and administration processes.

Purpose of Use

We collect the personal information for creating the contact list, sending direct mails, and sending documents requested by your inquiry in order to use this information set for our business and administration purpose.

Management and Supervision of Subcontractors

In case of entrusting the handling of personal information to outside, we maintain the proper management and supervision of subcontractors.

About a Third Party Offer

Unless law and regulation require to provide personal information, any personal information is not handed over to the third party.

Management of Personal Information

We take reasonable safety measures against any risk of accessing, loss, destruction, tampering, and leakage of personal information.

Correction, De-registration, and Disclosure

In case of a request for correction, deletion, and/or disclosure of the information that has been registered, we will quickly correspond.

Inquiries about Personal Information

Contact here for the inquiry about handling, correction, deletion, and disclosure personal

[ information and any other inquiries related to personal information ]
Kanatsu Co., Ltd.
Telephone : +81-3-3253-5331 FAX : +81-3-3251-3151


We aim to continuously review and improve the policies above as well as to comply with the Personal Information Protection Act.

first August, 2021
Kanatsu Co., Ltd.
President Kenji Ishii