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Our total system provides our Seion-Series, hand trucks, castors,
and tires & wheels, and material handling equipment.

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  1. 2000 -
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  3. 1950 -
March 2000 Participated in Hannover Messe 2000 in commemoration of 50th Anniversary and received high evaluation.
June 2000 Appointed of Hisayuki Ogura to President, Reorganized the internal system.
February 2001 Obtained Patent for "SEION" castors
May 2002 Obtained Patent for PLA Deck
June 2002 Obtained Patent for new stopper of hand trucks
March 2004 Obtained Patent for DB Series hand truck with new brake system
September 2004 Introduced PLA250 "SEION" Series hand truck
October 2004 Obtained Trademark right for "SEION"
October 2004 Exhibited at the Tokyo Pack Exhibition to introduce our new products.
December 2004 Obtained ISO9001 by Bsi (British Standard Association)
November 2005 Held celebration of 55th and 50th anniversary of company inauguration & establishment and 80 years old birthday of Shoni Ogura, the founder.
March 2006 Obtained ISO14001 by Bsi (British Standard Association)
April 2006 Introduced new hand truck, "GREEN SEION" Series, friendly to Human ecology
October 2006 Participated in Tokyo Pack Exhibition to introduce various new products.
September 2008 Participated in the international logistics exhibition to introduce various new products.
October 2008 Continued to participate in the international logistics exhibition
November 2009 Reinforced crackdown on importing the counterfeit hand trucks which landed in Japan at the first time.
October 2010 Participated in the Tokyo Pack Exhibition to introduce various new products.
March 2011 Donated 200 units of our hand truck to the disaster area, Tagajo City, Miyagi Prefecture after the Great East Japan Earthquake hit there.
April 2011 Received the letter of thanks from Mr. Tanigaki, the general manager of the Earthquake Countermeasures Headquarters of the Liberal Democratic Party, and a mayor of Tagajo city, Miyagi Prefecture.
November 2011 Shoji Ogura, the founder of Kanatsu, passed away. Held a funeral with his company-staffs and his family members together.
June 2012 Transferred the headquarters from Sotokanda 2-Chome to 1-Chome after renovating the company's own building in the 1-Chome.
July 2012 Established a Product-Development office in the factory.
July 2012 Started in the ISO management: The factory is certified with the environment ISO by Intertek.
October 2012 Purchased the Toyota hybrid car "Prius", the energy efficient car approved by the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, for the commercial usage.
July 2013 Introduced the hand trucks attaching the hand stopper.
July 2013 Started the self-management of ISO9001 (quality) in the company: The factory was continuously certified with the ISO14001 certification by the new certification body Intertek in the same year.
October 2013 Started the project to replace the whole surface of the computer line-of-business systems with the aim of completing by the time welcoming the 65 anniversary of establishment in the end of March, 2015
December 2013 Installed the environmentally friendly LED lights for lighting in the factory.
March 2014 Installed the environmentally friendly LED lights for lighting also in the head office.
October 2014 Participated in the Logis-Tech Tokyo Exhibition to introduce various new products.
January 2015 Set up an affiliate company that Kanatsu invested in Malaysia.
January 2015 Celebrated the 60th anniversary of establishment.
February 2015 Obtained a patent for hand stopper.
April 2015 Completed replacing the whole surface of the computer line-of-business systems in the end of March, 2015 in commemoration of the 65 anniversary of establishment.
May 2015 Applied for a patent for the lightweight type drum brake (new DB)
June 2015 Introduced the hand truck attaching the lightweight type drum brake (new DB).
August 2015 Started the project of completely redesigning the homepage, which was used for 10 years, in a commemoration of the 65 anniversary of establishment.
November 2015 Celebrated the 65th anniversary of establishment.
December 2015 Renewed the homepage in commemoration of the 65th anniversary of establishment
November 1980 Reorganized the internal system in accordance with the 5-year plan for business expansion and better cooperation.
Strengthened leadership of Kanazawa Group through the appointments of Shoni Ogura to Chairman and Senjuro Ogura to President, expanded the Board of Directors, and established the Planning Centre.
June 1983 Achieved in shipment of the 10,000th SHONY brand tractor winch.
October 1983 Started the production of the 2 millionth Diamond brand carrier.
April 1985 Commemorated the 35th anniversary: The company name was changed to "Kabushikigaisha Kanatsu" (Kanatsu Co., Ltd.)
April 1986 Started acting as the general agent of Rhombus, West Germany, to start selling Japanese-made Rhombus medical castors, and planned to develop producing the medical equipment in Japan.
September 1988 Started to sell, Plastic Castor, all plastic castors for hand trucks, the first of their kind in the castor industry. Kanatsu cooperated with Colson Castor Corporation, U.S.A. and Colson Europe, U.K.
January 1990 Constructed a new factory to plan expansion the production division: The preparation room for the new factory was to be opened.
July 1990 Started business with major bed manufactures & O.E.M. medical equipment manufacturers.
February 1991 Started development of new solid tire"NS6 x 1.50&8 x 2.00".
August 1992 Started development of castor for roll-containers.
June 1993 Started sales of Noiseless trollies "SEION SERIES".
November 1993 Completed the construction of New Tokyo Factory at the Hi-Tech Science Park, Tsukuba Tobu Industrial Estate in Ibaraki prefecture, with our expectation of new expansion.
January 1994 Established a part of manufacturing spot in China.
July 1994 Started the business cooperation with Catis Products Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.
August 1994 Started development of steel trollies"JACK150&200N".
April 1995 Started development of materials handling control system by a ball container making use of universal gravitation.
September 1995 Started development of new Designed stopper for Trollies.
October 1995 Started development of noiseless plastic trollies"PLA150 & 300".
October 1996 Sales of "Pick Cart SEION" started.
May 1997 Started development of new noiseless plastic castor, SEION130mm.
July 1997 Started development of steel trolley, JACK300.
February 1998 Started development of new noiseless Plastic Castor, SEION100mm.
March 1998 Started development of pallet carrier, PALLESTAR.
June 1998 Started export of SEION Series to European countries.
August 1998 Started import of castors for flower auction carts.
August 1998 Started development of plastic trollies"PLA150Y-DX".
November 1998 Started development of noiseless net trollies.
November 1950 Founded Tokyo Office of Kanazawa Cart-Industrial Co., Ltd.
January 1955 Tokyo Office reorganizes as KANAZAWZA INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD.., at Hatago-Cho, Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo. Shoni Ogura took office as President. Concluded a contract to supply 30,000 tractor-& cartwheels to the People's Republic of China, which was the first big order since the company's foundation.
1957 KANAZAWA earned a reputation in the industry for wheels and linings as a result of a big order for truck wheels and brake linings from the U.S. Army Procurement Agency or Japan (APA).
April 1960 Constructed the Tokyo Plant in Edogawa-ward, Tokyo. In compliance with the 5-year plan for exporting the Kanazawa brand, the President visited 21 countries in North & South America, Europe, The Middle-East and Southeast Asia for market research, seeking possibility of expanding business in these areas.
November 1961 Received an award from the Director of the Smaller and Medium Enterprise Agency for excellent management and the advanced technology.
July 1968 Rebuilt the head office at Soto-Kanda, Chiyoda-ward, Tokyo
August 1968 Succeeded in developing SHONY brand tractor winch.
December 1969 Completed the full reconstruction and expansion of the Tokyo Plant.
March 1971 Opened Osaka Office at Awaza, Nishi-ward, Osaka.
August 1975 Opened North America Office in Winnipeg, Manioba, Canada to promote sales, service guidance of SHONY tractor winch in U.S.A. and Canada
April 1978 Expanded the assembly lines of SHONY tractor winches at the Tokyo Plant.
April 1978 President Shoni Ogura received the Blue Ribbon Medal for many years of social welfare activities (Komyo Movement) based on the management ideas of Kanazawa industrial Co., Ltd.

Company Information

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