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Our total system provides our Seion-Series, hand trucks, castors,
and tires & wheels, and material handling equipment.

Company Information

Environmental Policy

Management Principle about Environment

Kanatsu, as manufacturer and design developer of Materials Handling Products (Hand Trolley, Zero-Pressure Tire, Medical Caster and etc), will continuously up-grade environmental protection and its system with related enviromental laws, purpose and target in consideration of environmental impact in business, products and service activities.

Action Guidance

  1. We establish our environmental management system with related environmental laws and other requirements to prevent pollution by continuous improvement and its review.
  2. We strive to reduce environmental burden according to the plan in our office and factory.


    Environmental Protection

    Environmental Purpose Activities during Daily Work
    Environmental Protection

    Environmental Purpose:

    Saving Energy

    Activities during Daily Work:

    1. Enhance the working effeciency
    2. Promote'Cool Biz' and 'Warm Biz'

    Environmental Purpose:

    CO2 Reduction

    Activities during Daily Work:

    1. Prevention of defective products to the market for environment
    2. Engine stop of a vehicle when not used

    Environmental Purpose:

    Reducing Industrial Waste

    Activities during Daily Work:

    1. Continue 3R activities - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
    2. Not storing product for a long time

    Environmental Purpose:

    Complying with regulations

    Activities during Daily Work:

    1. General education
    2. Internal and external communication

    Environmental Purpose:

    Prevention of Environmental Pollution by MP (Micro-Plastics)

    Activities during Daily Work:

    1. Product Development friendly to environment based on our life cycle
  3. We pursue development of environment-friendly products which is concerned not only quality but also environmental impact assessments in product planning and development.
  4. In order to achieve the environmental policy, we will set environmental objectives and targets for each sections that are constantly reviewed, and promote, maintain, and continued improve our environmental management system.

Besed on the above environmental policy, we will achieve our environmental object and target, and strive to"protect the global environment" and "establishment of recycling-based society". At the same time, we will familiarize it in the company and raise awareness of environmental preservation.

1st April, 2020

The Approach to ISO

Kanatsu is a company certified with an international environmental managament system standard "ISO14001".

Intertek JAB ISO14001:2015

Coverage based on ISO14001:2015 (JIS Q 14001:2015)

Scope of Application (Organization)

Applicable to all the departments and the sections of the factory

  1. Name     : Kanatsu Co., Ltd. Tokyo factory
  2. Address: : 1727 Kamai Inashiki-city Ibaraki, Japan

Applied range of business:

Applicable to the all business of development and manufacturing for material handlings under we handle.

Company Information

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